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Wooden Playset Buyers Guide

Are you in the market for residential playground equipment?

Welcome to the Buyer's Guide for purchasing residential playground equipment. Choosing which backyard playground to purchase for your children can be an overwhelming task. In order to help make your shopping for playgrounds easier, we have introduced several pages that may answer most, if not all of your questions. If these pages do not answer your question, give your local retailer a call and they will address any of your concerns.
Following is an outline of these pages to help better acquaint you with our products.

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Q. Why Choose a Wood Playset?

There are several reasons to choose a wooden swingset over a metal one. Here are a few key benefits to consider:

This may sound trivial, but remember that the playset will be a fixture in your yard for years to come. Whether it is built in cedar, pine, or redwood, a wood playset adds a warm, rich, natural look to your backyard.

Options & Versatility
An abundance of optional features are available with a quality wood swingset. All of our swingsets are designed so you can add features such as rock walls, tire swings, ladders, slides, and other elements onto them as your family's needs change.

There are also endless supplies of different stains, finishes, and sealants you can apply to your playset over the years.

Home Resale Value
Many of our customers claim that their wooden swing sets actually help to increase their home's resale value. when trying to sell your home, having a beautiful quality wood playset can give you an edge over other homes that do not.

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Q. What Types of Wood are available?

Not all wooden playsets are made the same. In fact, wooden playsets can come in all types of lumber so it is important to consider the longevity, durability, safety of the lumber that is used in your childs playset.

At PlayNation, we use only the finest pieces of choice lumber for every swing set we build. Both of our Cedar Species and our Southern Yellow Pine is hand selected at the mill to assure that only the very best lumber is sourced for our swing sets. All our lumber is durable, resistant to rot & decay, and stands up to the rigorous play of even the most active kids!

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Q. Can I install it myself?

Most people will be able to install our wooden playsets with a few friends over the course of a weekend. All lumber is prepared in the factory to assist with the ease of installation. That said, we still usually recommend that you hire a professional playground installer. At PlayNation of Georgia, we have a highly skilled installation crew that will expertly prepare the ground and build your new playset quickly and efficiently.

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Q. What do I need to consider when purchasing a wooden swingset?

Quality and safety should be your top concerns. Remember that your children will be swinging, running, jumping and climbing on your playset for years to come. In time, a poorly designed/contsructed playset will likely create several weak areas where your child may get hurt. These can consist of rotting or splitting wood, loose bolts, weak joints, cracking plasitc, and more. A PlayNation wooden swingset will withstand the test of time and rigorous play with ease.

Other important factors to consider when selecting your new playset are:
- Price
- Budget
- Features
- Expandability (capability to add on play features over time)
- Location

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